Lucas Company: Work Better, Live Better
Lawrence R. Lucas - Purity
Paperback: 56 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 0.17 x 6.28 x 4.56
Publisher: Lucas Company (Nov 2003)
ISBN: 097159161X

This small work is dedicated to you younger brothers, who have so much ahead of you: so much opportunity, so much promise, so much discovery and life. I pray you never outgrow being teachable; and that God, in His mercy, allows your humility to always outpace your gains in knowledge and strength.

It would be difficult to put into words the richness God intends for you, how utterly satisfying He is. Your sexuality is merely one aspect of this richness. Yes, sexuality is a gift from God, one of many. He thought it up without any help from us: puberty, the love between a man and a woman, intercourse… He created it all and then He gave it. And make no mistake, He intends you to enjoy it fully. Like His other gifts, though, you will enjoy it fully only when you enjoy it as He intends. This is clear in the Scriptures and it’s clear in the lives and testimony of those who’ve gone before you. The question is, do you believe this? It’s a matter of trust, you know.

When we’re young, people pour advice on us. And here now in this booklet I’m dispensing advice, and asking you to please heed it; asking you to listen to me, to the Scriptures, and to the counsel of those who’ve gone ahead of you. It’s a habit I hope you’ve not yet entirely abandoned. It seems to come under fire as we grow into our own abilities and understandings. Sometimes, too, those who give counsel seem unwilling to take it themselves. They want us to listen but don’t want to listen in return. They want us to learn from them but are unwilling to learn from us. These things can make it hard to listen, but they don’t need to prevent it–the choice is yours. I urge you, please, don’t let anything or anyone hinder you. Keep listening, keep taking things to heart, and remember: a man can grow in knowledge, size, and experience without growing in wisdom. You’ll meet plenty who’ve done just that.

This is dedicated to the younger brothers, addressed to them really; but it aims at a much larger audience, an audience that includes men and women of all ages, an audience that includes you.

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